Simple Customizations to Add “Wow” to Your Car

Adding customized touches to your vehicle is a great way to improve its appearance! And this isn’t about extreme body and/or engine modifications that cost thousands of dollars – this is about simple, easy and relatively inexpensive customizations that’ll add just enough flare to your ride to make it stand out from the rest. While the main focus is cosmetic, many of these top suggestions have a functional benefit, as well:

Window Tinting – A quality window tinting job is looks great on any vehicle, and the benefits aren’t just cosmetic. According to, tint will reduce sun glare for better visibility when driving and help keep your cars’ interior cool. Tint will also cut down the suns’ UV rays that age the interior materials. Plus, tinted windows add to security, as they help to conceal valuables left inside.


Gold Plating – Even the plainest of cars can turn luxurious with a bit of gold plating! Gold-plated emblems and decals, license plate covers, stickers, etc. can be purchased and placed on your vehicle. Or you can bring your vehicle to a shop that offers on-site electroplating and have selected pieces gold-plated to your heart’s content!

Headlights – Recent years have seen significant price drop associated with once-exotic lighting technology, according to, and HID (High Intensity Discharge) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) have become commonplace on new cars. Conversion kits are also available for older vehicles with halogen headlights. Aftermarket fog lights are another relatively inexpensive customization available for exterior lighting, and can help improve visibility.

Grille – Most popular on trucks, a customized grille gives your vehicle an instant face-lift. There are bolt-on, insert, and replacement grilles; explained that a bolt-on grille can be installed over your existing grill, and is a good choice for the many individuals that want a quick and inexpensive modification to the front end of their vehicle because it is the easiest to install compared to the other two types of grilles. Another important point to consider when choosing a grille type is if it will help cool your engine and/or cover it enough to protect it against road damage.

Floor mats and seat covers – These can be 100% do-it-yourself auto floormataccessories, as no tools or special equipment is needed! states that even custom-fitted floor mats can be acquired for less than $100, and are able to add an appealing, unique look to the cabin area of a vehicle. Floor mats and seat covers also provide a way to preserve stock aspects of a vehicle while providing extra cushioning!

Steering Wheel – Custom steering wheel covers can add extra comfort and grip to your driving experience, plus with so many options available you can choose something unique to match your personal style! Looking for an even flashier idea? Estebon On from suggests replacing the steering wheel altogether, “Why drive your 1997 Toyota Corolla with the stupid steering wheel it came with when you could replace it with a Ferrari steering wheel and be so much more awesome?

Shifter Knob and Pedals – Like the steering wheel, customizing the shifter knob and pedals can add comfort and grip to your driving experience. Knob choices range from wood grain to diamond-embedded, though ‘race-inspired’ is currently a popular theme for both knobs and pedals. promotes aluminum as the high-end touch you would expect to connect with when traveling 200 miles per hour, and Billet aluminum pedals as a cheap and easy way to mimic the durable, high-performance sensation of a race-car cockpit on the streets.

These suggestions are all intended to help give you ideas for auto customizations that are affordable and simple, yet able to impact your vehicle’s appearance in a very positive way! One last important note: before making any customizations or adding any custom accessories to your vehicle, be sure to verify that they are legal. The Washington State Patrol website is a good place to start for Washington residents, but further research may be required for some specific customizations. ♦

By Amber Foley – February 27, 2016

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