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Our Fleet Card Management System is FREE, simple and convenient, and will give you complete control of your account!

⇒Easily track vehicle cleaning and maintenance costs. Our system does all of the tracking and organizing; detailed and itemized reports are available with just a click for every transaction and every vehicle.

⇒Customization is available for every card. Nickname cards for easy recognition, set transaction and/or daily spending limits, specify which location(s) each card may (or may not) be used at, and more.

⇒Security features enable full access to card programming. Restrict cards to work only during certain times or days, etc. Disable a card immediately, 24/7, due to loss or theft..

Fleet Management Program

Visit ClassyChassis.com/Locations for directions and more info for each site.

 Please contact our Fleet Administrator at 253-284-9274 or email us for more information about our new Fleet Card Management System.

Self serve Fleet Service, Full serve car wash fleet service, oil change fleet service!

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